Free for Freedom

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I Live for this
To do this
To be Free Cannabis
Fearless in my action
Driven by a passion
A Passion for Life and all Beings to be Free

Free of the yolk of the tyranny
That shackles the minds
Of those enslaved into the belief
That a plant by the name of Cannabis
Can possibly be ‘illegal’

I mean, come on
What does that mean?
What, God made a mistake?
“Oops, I didn’t mean to put it
there, honest”

No! Of course not
Study the Law
Know the Law
The Book of the Law
And you will see
Quite clearly
Most explicitly
Most directly
That God has given us
every Herb bearing seed
which is upon
the face of the Earth

God, Goddess,
use what name you wish
This is a Gift
A Gift of our Mother
Our Dear Mother Earth
Who provides us:

With a Seed of optimal
nutritional value
Delicious and Nutritious

With Fibre,
strong and durable
To make clothes, paper,
build houses, even cars

With bio mass fuel,
clean and efficient

And Medicine,
safe and natural
Nourishing our
Endo-Cannabinoid systems
Bringing Balance
and Harmony
This Plant is Essential
A “Dietary Essential”
As proclaimed by
Dr Courtney

Yet most of all
she has gifted us with
a pathway to Liberation

For the dried
flowers of Cannabis
Open the doorway to Love

To the Love of all beings
Who just wanna Hug
Make Peace
Make Love

For the Love of all beings
I serve you
Eternally with Love
Guiding us Home
Home to the Liberation of
the Cannabis Plant
For in my reality
Cannabis is Free

And we are Free
Free to Sow and
Grow the Tree
The Tree that has set us Free

“For We are Free, We are Free
We are Free to Grow the Tree”

So Babylon your days
are numbered

The Children of Gaia
have awakened

And we are Free

Free For Freedom!

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